15’ Nest

This yurt was our first to build and has become a favorite space for one person to set up a complete living situation.  The Nest size keeps all the yurt parts shorter than 8’ long and allows it to be easily transported in the back of a pickup truck.  In fact with careful packing, 4 yurts of this size can be transported in the back of an 8’ truck bed.


Circumference: 47.1’

Area: 176

Wall Height: 6’10” from cable to floor

Wall Canvas Height 7’2”

Total Height

Standard Features

Number of Khanna 82 full pieces and 16 shorter angled pieces for the door

Number of rafters 25

Rafter length 83 1/8”

Rafter angle 30

Cable length 47.1’

Cable diameter 1/4”

Roof ring 36” outer diameter

Dome 34” OD with 1” flange

Dome opener 7′

Door Frame curved bottom and top to fit yurt curve

New door low E double pane insulated full glass door with hinges lock and deadbolt or another door of your choice that fits our door frame.

Door dimensions 36×80: rough opening

Standard cover The cover is made of Starfire, a strong 15 oz. acrylic coated cotton-poly blend. Starfire is an alternative to vinyl, is available in many colors, and is a strong and durable fabric that meets the California CPAI-84 flammability standard.

Windows 3 clear vinyl windows with zippers and no-see-um screens; can have up to 5 windows

Detailed written instructions

Yurt options

Wind/ snow load kit Not necessary in most cases

Insulation reflectix double bubble white cut and taped to fit

Roof liner our standard roof liner is made of TexTex fabric, is an off white color, and is mold, mildew, and fire resistant (with CPAI-84 fire rating)

Additional windows available

Framed in solid windows available $500 each

Gutters fabric gutter and water catchment system to fit standard rain barrel

Wood stove panel 2’ by 2’  fire fabric rated at 500 deg F used with insulated pipe

Fabric floor allows yurt to be set up on the ground or an existing over sized deck

Our 15’ yurt  is our best selling recreational yurt, often purchased by people who are more nomadic due to the fact that it is truly suited for transport or semi-permanent set up.  With its ease of set up, and enough space to accommodate most all of a single persons needs, “The Nest” is the  perfect home for the nomad at heart.  This size is also the best choice for the backyard garden.  We offer a clear vinyl cover that will transform this yurt into a cold frame greenhouse in  late winter or a year round covered hot tub space with view of the moon and stars.


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