18′ Yurtle Project

The Yurtle ladies on their finished yurt!

This summer we built an 18′ Yurtle for a high school senior.  Her plans are to live in the yurt over the next few years on her parent’s land and then take it to college to save money on housing!

It was a great project, and Hanna, her mom, and sister came to stay with us for a week and help with the building of the yurt and trailer.  They worked hard all week! 

Some of the things that kept them busy:

They helped with sewing the cover.  Hanna chose her fabric, and assisted us in the sewing studio.  She was a part of all the calculations (sigh), cutting, and assembling of the fabric cover.  Her mom, Shelley, did some sewing of the roof and wall canvas.

The ladies all worked together on the finishing options of the yurt, all the sanding and staining… this kept them busy for a few days and allowed them to give their personal touch to the yurt.  They also did the painting, staining, and finishing of the decking for the trailer. 

Charlie, our wood shop manager also helped them in many aspects of the yurt making.  He guided them in the assembly of the ring, and helped them with making their rafters. They learned so much about each part of the yurt and had an immersion crash course in yurtle building! 

Since it was so hot, they took breaks in the middle of the day to take dips in the river and enjoy some of beautiful mountains.  They stayed in a yurt at our community and used our kitchen for cooking meals and preparing snacks.  We enjoyed their company and wish Hanna the best of luck in her Yurtle! 


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