A Yurt Sanctuary at the SE Wise Woman Herbal Coference

I just got back late Sunday from the SE Wise Woman Herbal Conference. We were able to bring a “sanctuary yurt” as our contribution. Let me tell you, this was one of the most magical experience of my life… how incredible it was to join hands with 800 women in ceremony, song, and learning…

I feel like my mind and my being expanded and grew so much, and gave me so much to work on, learn about, and stay inspired about. We started the weekend with a circle, imagine all of us singing together, “we put our roots ….. down into the earth. We put our roots down, down, down into the earth…”

From there I went to a workshop by Jeanine Davis about the top 10 herbs for the garden. (Think:echinacea, basil, sage, mint, comfrey… After that, I joined Corina Wood for an herb walk. (Corrina is director of Red Moon Herbs and the SE Wise Woman Conference) There is so much we can eat in our native lands! After that, dinner, which was made with local and organic ingredients. The whole weekend was full of wonderful meals based on the cookbook, “Nourishing Traditions”. That evening, Rosemary Gladstar shared some wisdom and then we listened to the songs of Rising Appalachia (whose music I totally fell in love with!!) In the morning I woke up for yoga with Sierra Hollister, my favorite yoga teacher ever, and then went to the most incredible drumming workshop with Kristen Arant, who is the founder of the Young Women’s Drumming Empowerment Project.

Rising Appalachia sisters

I took an amazing class with Rosemary Gladhart on Sunday about Planting for the Future. She urged us to make sure that any herbs we used are ethically harvested. 35 years ago when she started her work as an herbalist, there was not nearly so many herbs being harvested. Now some of our most powerful native plants (like Goldenseal) have been over harvested and our in danger. How can we help? Start your own herb walk garden and plant some of these varieties. She recommended 2 books to help in that journey: “Growing At Risk Medicinal Herbs” by Richo Cech and her book “Planting the Future”. I am so inspired… and I will start an herb garden and also try to share some of this information on the blog.

The rest of the weekend was full of so much learning, song, ritual, drumming, and learning… I wish that I c an connect in my daily life more with women who honor their own wisdom and sacred from which we come.

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