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Laurel Nest Yurts is currently restructuring. We are unable to take any yurt orders at this time. Our books is still for sale and we may be reached for consulting. Thank you and good luck!

“My experience with Laurel Nest Yurts was absolutely wonderful. Hal is a very excellent and kind human being who really cares about helping you find what you need. We needed a rush job to get our yurt (our home!) together shortly before the arrival of our first child, and Hal was amazingly helpful and accommodating. The parts are well-made and thoughtfully designed, with the idea to one being able to fix or replace one’s own yurt as needed, though they are made so sturdily that I couldn’t see anything short of forces of nature necessitating that. As well, Hal and Asia live in a yurt themselves and have many years’ experience with them, with the business growing organically from that interest. I would heartily recommend Laurel Nest to anyone looking for personal attention, quality craftsmanship, and a very reasonable price for their yurt.” Lisa & Clay Holt

Laurel Nest Yurts is America’s affordable yurt solution. We are committed to being a resource for yurts and yurt building information. Whether you wish to build your own yurt, or have us hand craft one for you, we take the time to make sure that you are informed about the choices you will make when acquiring a yurt.

We want to make sure that your yurt is built to the standards you value. It is admirable to craft a beautiful and durable yurt out of the finest hardware, fabric, and wood. We realize that sometimes factors like cost, environmental impact, and availability of resources can play a major role in material selection. Subjects like sustainable harvesting of raw lumber, chemical toxins in synthetic fabrics, wood treatment options, and responsible shipping practices must be considered. Carefully looking at these choices will ensure that your finished yurt will be sustainable, affordable, and functional. It is for this reason that we feel that it is important to make customers aware of the impacts of their decisions and offer alternative solutions to these important questions.

  • We are committed to being a resource for yurts and yurt building information.
  • We are not concerned with selling the world a yurt, but rather with helping anyone that wants to experience the joys of spending time in a yurt get that opportunity.
  • We try to incorporate as many sustainable practices into our business as possible.
  • The already low price of our standard yurt reflects many “options”, and we allow the customer to remove features in order to lower the cost of the yurt. We make the yurts using materials that are readily available and fairly easy to acquire; this allows the customer to easily build or replace parts of their yurt.
  • We offer natural materials for yurt covers when local and state fire codes permit us to do so.
  • We have many do-it-yourself options to help the customer reduce costs and allow them to feel the joy of helping to customize and create their own space. These opportunities include assembly options that will reduce the cost of shipping by reducing the size of the crate.
  • We offer different specialty models to appeal to a wide range of uses.
  • We offer Yurt building workshops to teach some of the techniques we have learned and openly share ideas of how to build more affordably.
  • We are continuously trying to localize production by helping to set up manufacturing facilities in many areas of the country and the world in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We are continuously seeking the innovative knowledge and mental resources of all people to help the yurt design and our company evolve. We welcome any feedback or suggestions that you might have.

About Us

We love the mom n pop small business yall have, a more intimate approach to serving your customers, affordable yurts, flexibility with orders… its great! its how it should be!                       Sarah Dye

Laurel Nest Yurts started with Hal’s dream to live in a tipi. While learning about tipis, he discovered yurts and decided that the round yurt space was more portable and practical for his nomadic lifestyle. Now years later, and many yurts later, Hal and the folks at Laurel Nest Yurts have figured out a few tricks.

We actually have 14 yurts on our land, and about a dozen people living lightly with us. Our goal is to respect and honor the Earth we live in, by making the best of our resources and staying inspired with new projects. We are working towards growing enough food to feed all of us, developing systems to conserve our resources, and opening our hearts to people who come our way. We want to help and serve others, and to lower our overall carbon footprint. We hope that Laurel Nest, our community, and Laurel Nest Yurts, our business, will give us the opportunity to educate others about living lightly in round yurt spaces. We sure love them! We hope that your experience in a Laurel Nest Yurt will bring you joy for years to come.

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