Bamboo Yurts

Over the last year we’ve seen a rising need for bamboo yurts.  We’ve done some research on curing and treating bamboo, and have a goal of creating a bamboo yurt on our land.  We recently got a bunch of bamboo for free off Craigslist and are starting to treat it and prepare it for some building projects.

Why bamboo yurts? Our goal is humanitarian aid as well as sustainability.  In many places where there is no access to lumber, bamboo can be found in abundance. You can harvest, cut, treat and build with a very small tool kit.

Bamboo Yurts, Australia

Some basic tips: harvest the bamboo during a dry season and then cure it.  The reason you do this is that you don’t want the bamboo to mold.  There’s lots of ways to cure or dry it, and it really depends how much time you have.  If you’re in a big hurry, you can get a torch and heat it until the color changes.  This makes a lovely smell and is a pleasant task.  For other curing ideas, check out

Bamboo yurt walls using more of a dome design

As far as design ideas, we’re thinking of modifying the general yurt into a more “yome” like design.  It doesn’t really seem effective to tie a bunch of bamboo into khanna, so we’re thinking of using dome style walls.   There’s a company that is already doing this in Austrailia, and their yurts are beautiful!  Check out for more information.

Our goal is to build a large bamboo yurt (maybe 24 feet in diameter… this is still up to the wonders of the universe).  Hopefully this will be our home or a large yoga space.  We’re still tossing around ideas, but we’ll blog again when we start making progress! Keep your fingers crossed!

What a dreamy yurt!

For more pictures of Yomes, check out another local company, Red Sky Shelters…. the home of the Yome!


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