Blue Fish For Dinner

My dad and I were talking on Skype the other day, and he showed me the fish he was going to eat for dinner. It was a huge Blue fish, which is my favorite. My dad told me he went to the seafood store to buy some fish, and the owner of the store gave it to him for free, because noone ever wants to buy Blue Fish.

My dad and his buddy made a nice fish dinner for my mom on the grill…. and I found this recipe online that I thought I could share.

According to the Sustainable Seafood Guide, Blue Fish is a better choice fish.

“Around the world, many traditional fisheries are threatened with collapse, due to unsustainable fishing practises and habitat destruction. Some fisheries, however, remain healthy and productive due to succesful management, responsible harvesting and advances in contained fish farming. You can help support sustainable fisheries with the choices you make at the restaurant or the seafood counter.

When I was little, we always just cleaned of the blue fish, and fried it in the frying pan. Yum… I might just drive 21 hours for a bite of that meal. ;)


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