BP Oil Spill Capped, but the Gulf is still crapped…

Whatever happened to the big oil spill in the Gulf Coast anyway?

BP Oil washing up our Gulf Coast

It’s been a while since the country’s worst oil disaster was front page news, but the spill remains a hugely destructive force in the lives of people, businesses, and wildlife in the region. In some ways, the region will never fully recover.
Florida State oceanography professor Ian MacDonald told colleagues on Tuesday that while much of the oil is gone from the surface now, it is still in the environment and he expects harmful effects for years.
MacDonald says more than a half million tons of oil remain in the ecosystem and that will probably reduce the productivity and diversity of the Gulf’s plants and animals.

A bird covered in oil

The gusher was contained in mid-July after a temporary cap was successfully fitted atop the well. Mud and cement were later pushed down through the top of the well, allowing the cap to be removed. But the well could not be declared dead until a relief well was drilled so that the ruptured well could be sealed from the bottom, ensuring it never causes a problem again. The relief well intersected the blown-out well last Thursday, and crews started pumping in the cement Friday.
Yesterday morning the effort was finished, and the spill was officially declared “dead”.
While I am grateful for all the work that was done to fix this nightmare of a problem, I am personally outraged at the greed that drove it. The spill caused an environmental and economic nightmare for people who live, work and play along hundreds of miles of Gulf shoreline from Florida to Texas.  BP took some of the blame for the Gulf oil disaster in an internal report issued earlier this month, acknowledging among other things that its workers misinterpreted a key pressure test of the well. But in a possible preview of its legal strategy, it also pointed the finger at its partners on the doomed rig. Their old image as a “green” petrol company is tarnished (and is there such a thing as green petrol?).
Since the oil spill, I’ve given my cute little Mazda Protege away, and bought a grease car. I’m learning about how to clean the veggie oil out to make BioDiesel, and I’m glad to put gas money to another use…

Tar washed ashore..

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