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We are planning a yurt building workshop January 20, 21, 22nd, and will take place in Santa Cruz, California.  If you are interested in signing up, please e-mail us or fill out the contact form, as there will be limited space available.


We offer two types of yurt building workshops.  Our goal is to meet your needs and help you be involved in building your own yurt.

Workshop 1: Help Build Your Yurt! You pay the cost of the yurt, learn the steps of building the yurt, and work for 3 weekends on building yurt parts, set up a yurt, and when the building school is over you can take home your yurt or have it shipped to your home.

Workshop 2: Learn to Build Your Yurt Purchase book and use it as a tool during workshop as you learn to make all the different yurt parts, including the rafters, khana, door frame,  You will assemble an entire yurt, put together khana, grommet a canvas, and put the yurt up .  You will go home with a sample rafter, khana piece, a roof ring, and a canvas.

Speaking engagements: we want to educate people about yurts.  We are happy to come to your area and host a class, workshop, or talk about yurts and yurt building.  We can help you get started on building your own yurt, the possibilities are endless… let us know how we can help you!


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