DIY Yurt

Many of our clients choose to build parts of their yurts, and have us send them certain parts. This makes their project more affordable and more sustainable. By making products yourself, you can cut costs on shipping (and hence be more sustainable) and also costs on our own labor and materials…

The Hoffmans ordered some parts from us and chose to build other parts themselves.  We sent them the ring, the khana, un-assembled, and the yurt cover.  They built their own rafters, door frame, and assembled their khana.  They did all the staining and finishing themselves, and were able to save over $1,000.  For the cover, they picked Starfire fabric and we ordered it in colors of their choice.   The yurt is beautiful, and has their loving labor in each piece!

Kudos to the Hoffmans, and enjoy the slide show of their yurt-story…

The Hoffman

Here are the yurt parts that were ordered from Laurel Nest Yurts…

The Hoffmans assembled their khana.

Setting up the yurt!

Yurt exterior with wood stove panel… no wood stove , yet!

A first night in the yurt!!

Thanks Danielle for sending us the pictures!


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