Making and Finishing Yurt Parts

We would like to help people get into yurts.  We try to stay affordable while still offering a beautifully crafted yurt.  If you would like to lower the cost of your yurt still more, there are several options available.

Sanding and staining yurt frame parts You may choose to leave your khana and rafters unsanded and unstained; we still recommend making sure to complete this step before setting your yurt up.

Assembling your own khana walls We will send you the hardware needed, and you can put your walls together.  This will save you both on shipping costs and on the total yurt cost.

Assembling your door frame We will send the parts, and you just put them together; you will also want to buy your door locally for this option.

Buying your own door locally, and modifying it to fit the custom door frame that we send with your complete kit

Making your own rafters We can send you a template and all the lumber needed to make your own rafters.

Painting your cover We recommend painting your cover to help it last longer using a primer coat and a Thermashield insulating paint.

Seam sealing the roof cover This step is completed much more easily when the cover is up.

We always encourage people to build their own yurt parts.  Anytime you choose to build individual yurt parts you save money and are more involved in the building of your new round dwelling.