Earthpaint, non-toxic and biodegradable!

Over the last year, we have been recommending that people paint their yurts.  We painted the model yurt outside our studio, and it has protected the cover and made it look very nice.  We painted the interior and exterior faces of the cover, sealing the fabric inside the paint, and we believe it is much stronger and more durable.

The base coat is painted on this roof cover.

One of our goals as a yurt manufacturer is to offer sustainable and natural solutions.

Earthpaint is safe for the whole family!

Earthpaint is a local Asheville paint company that makes non-toxic, natural finish products that are as good as, or better than conventionally made paint and wood finish products.

Earthpaint was founded by Tom Rioux, a professional painter for 25 years. Tom was poisoned by the paints and wood finish he was told were safe. He narrowly survived. This is the basis for Earthpaint’s deep, life affirming commitment to make strong, safe paint and wood finish.

In addition to using Earthpaint, we recommend using ceramic-acrylic microspheres.  This will add insulating value to your yurt.  We created an “Earthtech” paint mixes the microspheres into the Earthpaint.  Visit our online store for more information!


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