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Hal and I recently took a trip to Vermont over summer holiday. We got to hang out with his friend Bo, who makes 1 of a kind T-shirts. He does it the old fashioned way, gets a soft, organic cotton shirt that is hand dyed, and makes a print.
The shirts are really nice, and he is making Laurel Nest Yurts t-shirts, too! Order one, or check out some of his other designs, they’re so nice…

Hal and I (in my LNY t-shirt) pose with Bo.

Bo cuts all his stencils out by hand onto a sheet of plastic. He chooses the stencil, then lines it up over a shirt, placing the silk screen over it. He uses water-soluble ink to produce a subtle, flexible image, unlike the hard plastic prints that mass-merchandisers use on their shirts. The first washing softens the black print a tiny bit, giving it a nicely faded look without having to wash it 100x. All shirts are preshrunk and as soft as your last favorite tee was before it fell apart. As you can see, this isn’t a factory line. Bo handles every t-shirt himself. “I’m sure there are more efficient ways to make a shirt, but I like things the way they are,” says Bo.
Thanks Bo, for the shirt! To order one, go to his website,


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