Fresh Raw Fruit Sushi In the Yurt

Tonight when I walked into our kitchen, two of our community members were eating sushi.  Zack was making nigiri with some wonderful Atlantic Salmon.  There was still a little rice left and so I decided to show them how to make a few rolls.  The salmon was all eaten up, so we decided to make “fruit rolls”.

Slicing up the sushi roll…

I sliced up some strawberries, kiwi, bananas, almonds, and got out some peanut butter.  Sara made some cream cheese frosting.

We dipped our sushi rolls in homemade cream cheese frosting! Yum!

The rolls turned out wonderful… making them reminded me of how sustainable and lovely a food they are.  You can put anything in sushi.  Garden vegetables, sprouts, desserts, you name it…. Raw sushi is a marvelous option, too, and something that can be a simple part of your diet as we head into spring, summer, and fall, and daily garden meals….

Our plate of fruit sushi…


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