Glass Window Options

Our glass windows offer a beautiful alternative to fabric windows.

Our glass window option utilizes a Low-E thermal glass window for maximum energy efficiency, and can be easily accessorized for a personalized look.  The most  tangible benefit of the glass windows is that they can be opened from inside.  When we build the window frame, we eliminate the lattice that crisscrosses through the standard yurt window and give you a beautiful view open view through the window. 

Real Windows can be added to your standard yurt package, or you can easily build them yourself…

The glass new window system can be installed virtually anywhere along the wall of any of our yurts, and can be ordered with a new yurt package or you can build one yourself, and add it to your own custom yurt project.

*For people with chemical sensitivities, glass windows offer a wonderful option for building a yurt with completely natural materials.


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