What could be better than gardening in a yurt?

Greenhouse yurt frames can come in any size, depending on the size of your garden space.  Make one for the entire garden, or get a couple and create garden spaces that are easy to rotate crops in!

  • Our yurt frame acts as a trellis

  • The clear cover acts as a cold frame to start plants in during the winter and spring

  • The yurt frame is easy to take down, allowing you to easily till your soil or put it up for the winter and can be made with rot resistant cedar boards

  • All the assembly hardware is included

Have your cucumbers or melons climb the khanna (walls) and create a more beautiful and functional growing space.   Perfect for the do-it-yourself gardener, this yurt comes with pre-assembled parts, ready to set up.

All the customer has to do is till the soil, add the compost, buy the plants, set up an irrigation system, plant the plants, weed the garden, harvest the food, wash and eat (nothing to it!).


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