Helping Our Customers Do It Themselves!

At Laurel Nest Yurts, we pride ourselves on helping people get into yurts… one of our past customers referred his friend to us, and he had a blast building most parts of his yurt.  He built the entire frame and then came and spent a weekend with us.  We made some measurements, and together Hal and Chris sewed the yurt.  Below is a testimonial Chris wrote, along with some pictures of his  yurt.  

“I started to build my own Yurt in 2005. Five years later I had it nearly done except for the cover. I was only

able to work on it a couple of hours a month and I spent the last two years fiddling with the cover – trying to

learn to sew and trying out different fabrics. When I heard about the launch of Laurel Nest Yurts my anxiety

melted away since I knew they would be the folks who can help me finish my project. I had passed through Laurel

Nest back in 2006 on my way to a winter hike trip and met Hal and Asia on one cold 9 degree winter evening. I

contacted them and explained my troubles and we scheduled a time to work on a cover. I loaded up and headed to

Laurel Nest! We had a great time working through the custom design. Hal had a solid process for determining

size, shapes, cuts, and seams and in two days we had a great looking cover with four windows. I learned a lot

about making Yurt covers which is great, but I don’t know if I’ll ever try it again by myself since Laurel Nest

Yurts is here to help. Staying at Laurel Nest and enjoying the fellowhip of Hal, Asia, and their collegues and

friends not only helped me on my project, it gave me new focus on what is really important in life.

I’m so exicted to have this yurt completed and Laurel Nest Yurts made it all possible.”

Thanks Chris for bringing your prjoect to us!!  Your yurt is beautiful!


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