Making Echinacea Tincture

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been apprenticing with an herbalist friend of mine. I’ve made some salves, lip balms, tinctures and oils. It’s been amazing how simple it is to go out in the field or garden and harvest some plants to make healing remedies.
Echinacea grows in many gardens and is also a wild flower.

Echinacea grows in gardens and wild.

It does great when made into a tincture. I was amazed how simple the process was. Fall is the best time to harvest the roots, so in the next few weeks is a good time to make the tincture.  I actually ate one of the flowers, and it had the craziest taste and texture, try it at least once!

Making the tincture is simple, first go find some flowers and dig them up.

Stuff the jar with roots, leaves, and flowers.

Wash and cut the roots before putting them in the tincture.

Then you will take the roots, wash them off. Then cut up the roots, and leaves.   Place the roots, leaves, and flowers in a jar and cover all of it with Vodka.   Let it sit for the next month, and it will be ready when cold season comes! After a month, strain the roots, flowers, and leaves.

At first sign of cold and not feeling good, take several drops of your tincture.


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