Marvelous Morels…

I can’t describe to you my favorite ritual of living in WNC with enough elation, the fun hunt for the morel.  Those of you have been morel hunting, know how challenging it is to find these obscure mushrooms, and how gratifying it is when you find them!  Not to speak of the orgasmic feeling of eating them, after Hal has lightly fried them in some good butter… (mouth is watering, thinking of today’s portion…)  For those of you who have not had this joy, I strongly urge you to pick up Michale Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I would have to say this is one of my top favorite books, and every time I recommend it, I feel like I’m up for a re-read.  He has a chapter in there about foraging for a meal, and it includes these incredible morel mushrooms, and the best information I’ve ever read about them. 

So, in a nutshell, what is this amazing book about?  It’s premise it mainly responding to our daily question, “What should we have for dinner?” Should we eat a fast-food hamburger? Something organic? Or perhaps something we hunt, gather, or grow ourselves? The omnivore’s dilemma has returned with a vengeance, as the cornucopia of the modern American supermarket and fast-food outlet confronts us with a bewildering and treacherous food landscape. What’s at stake in our eating choices is not only our own and our children’s health, but the health of the environment that sustains life on earth.

To find out, Pollan follows each of the food chains that sustain us—industrial food, organic or alternative food, and food we forage ourselves—from the source to a final meal, and in the process develops a definitive account of the American way of eating. His narrative takes us from Iowa cornfields to food-science laboratories, from feedlots and fast-food restaurants to organic farms and hunting grounds, always emphasizing our dynamic coevolutionary relationship with the handful of plant and animal species we depend on. Each time Pollan sits down to a meal, he deploys his unique blend of personal and investigative journalism to trace the origins of everything consumed, revealing what we unwittingly ingest and explaining how our taste for particular foods and flavors reflects our evolutionary inheritance. 

If you decide to pick up this book, you’ll never look at food the same (especially convenience store food…) much love and thanks Michael for the compelling read!

p.s.  some commentary was copied form Pollan’s sight, they said it better than I would!


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