Our new ring design…

A few weeks ago, we shared that we made some major design changes in our yurts.  In two weeks, we’ll be holding our first yurt building workshop of the year, and making our book available.  We are ready to share all the information we have for building high quality yurts and sewing the covers.

The new ring design comes in 36" for smaller yurts and 48" for larger yurts!

What are the major differences in our new design? And why did we change our design when we have such positive feedback?

Even with such happy customers, we still want to improve our designs and make our yurts the finest available. The best benefit to the new design is a larger ring, and thus larger skylight dome.  The 12′, 15′, and 18′ yurts now have 36″ skylights; and the 20′, 24′, and 30′ yurts all have 48″ skylight domes.  That’s a beautiful view for stargazing nights…

Our new design allows our customers to order their own domes!

Our new ring design accomplishes a few practical things, most importantly it improves the strength of the yurt while at the same time making it easier to build.  This is great news to our Do It Yourself builders, as it is now easier to make your own yurt frame.  The new design allows us to use 2x4s instead of specially ordered 5/4 boards.  This makes the yurts stronger, and easier to build.  Our process and the DIY builders are now simplified, as clear boards are much easier to find in a variety of woods, when purchased in more mainstream sizes.

For more information on building your own yurt, come to a workshop!

Our new rafters are much easier to build, stronger, and just as attractive.  You’ll spend less time on the rafter, and there is still no need to special order any parts.

Our new dome opening kit is much simpler, and does not require any special adjustments to the dome.  This means that customers can order the domes directly from the manufacturer, and can easily install the domes themselves.  Even better, the dome lift kit is more water tight, stronger, and less visible when you look up through skylight dome.

The best news for those of you who are not Do It Yourself builders?  Our old designs will be available at discounted prices, while they last. We have some parts in stock that we will be making into yurt packages, and selling at discount.  Our current project is finishing five 12′ yurts, which we’ll sell as a group, hopefully to a campground, at a discount. These yurts will also be sold individually.  The benefits of a 12′ yurt are numerous, especially these smaller yurts can be built in most places without a building permit (often building codes refer to structures 12′ in diameter and larger… our 12′ yurt is just slightly under 12′ large)….  

Thanks for tuning in, and hopefully we’ll see some of you at our workshop in the next few weeks.


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