Our Yurt Building Workshop

We stop and "monkey around" the yurt…

We just had a successful yurt building workshop weekend.  Our goal for the weekend: build a yurt frame and sew the cover.  The participants in the workshop were able to see all parts of the yurt building and left the weekend prepared to build!

“The workshop was very hands-on.  Hal and Charlie were super nice and helpful and inclusive.  I love how ideas were shared and suggestions taken.”

Our agenda for the weekend was pretty lofty, with our participants going through the entire process of building the yurt.  In the woodshop, they made a rafter, assembled khanna, and assembled and finished the ring.  The ring they worked on is the ring that they will use when they put up their yurt!

“I loved the hands-on options. Thanks for the background, so that personal modifications [to the yurts] can be made… I would recommend this workshop to others!”

Sewing the yurt cover at our workshop…

In the sewing studio, we taught how to make windows, assembled the walls, and cut sewed an entire roof!  Some of the participants helped with the sewing, and our new demo yurt is truly a collaborative effort!

“I got to learn, then actually build many parts of the yurt in 1 day! I recommend this workshop to others!”

All yurt workshop participants assembled and finished their roof ring."

We had some other positive feedback, and testimonials, and they are below… thanks to everybody who made the workshop a success!

‎”I don’t know where I could find a better value in a sustainable shelter or a more helpful group of people to facilitate my dream of building my own yurt, then at Laurel Nest Yurts.”

“The workshop was awesome! people had a great time and learned a matter what level of know-how they came in with. There were people who already knew a lot, and people like me who were total beginners, and everyone was comfortable and got a chance to learn. Thanks Hal, Charlie, Asia and everyone for a great weekend!”

We will plan to have another workshop sometime this spring… we’ll keep you posted.  Possibly for this workshop, we’ll have it over three days, starting on Friday afternoon, and going to Sunday…. hope to see you there!


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