Shelter Yurts

12′ BTI

We dubbed this yurt our “Before the Inspector” because it is actually 11’9” in diameter, and is no larger than 12 feet in any direction.  In many places temporary structures and buildings that fall under the 12 ft minimum requirement do not require a  building inspection.  By utilizing a loft or foldout wall table, this space can be set up to accommodate many different uses.





15′ Nest

This yurt was our first to build and has become a favorite space for one person to set up a complete living situation.  The Nest size keeps all the yurt parts shorter than 8’ long and allows it to be easily transported in the back of a pickup truck.  In fact with careful packing, 4 yurts of this size can be transported in the back of an 8’ truck bed.




18’ Studio

The 18’ “studio”  yurt  is sized to meet the needs of two people.  It has enough room to comfortably fit in a bath tub, kitchenette, sleep space, office and living room space.   It is the perfect space for couples that are looking to live more lightly on the land or just trying to find a way to afford owning a space together.  We also recommend this size to  small families that are on a tight budget and might possibly be moving around a bit before settling down.  This size is also a perfect size for a remote hunting lodge for a small group of sportsmen, provided there is easy access with a truck or four wheeler.



20′ Bungalow

The 20’ “bungalow” is the perfect yurt for families or individuals, seeking to settle on their land while building their dream home.  It is spacious enough for a small family and still requires minimal energy to heat or maintain. This yurt can usually be built and set up on a deck in a week with three to four people making it one of the best  inexpensive and strong solutions to the need for a functional shelter in a short amount of time.


24′ Homestead

The 24’ homestead offers similar benefits to the 20’ yurt, as it is a nice spacious yurt that would be ideal for a family to share, or be used as a nice retreat center.  Several people can do yoga in the 24’ yurt, and several people could share an office. We built one in our home, and it makes a great spacious community kitchen.  The 24’ leaves room for more spaces throughout the perimeter of the yurt and those spaces are roomier than the 20’ yurt.






30′ Villa(ger)

The 30’ homestead is our largest and most spacious yurt.  This multipurpose space lends itself to a mirage of options.  The 30’ yurt is a similar size to the sq. footage of one floor of an average American home.  If you build your yurt on a high platform, then you can build in a basement below and your yurt acts as an affordable roof and top floor.  The 30’ yurt can be an excellent learning space, family home, yoga center, or other usable space.