Permaculture, Chickens, and Sheet Mulch

Last night before bed Emilia asked me if I’d make some eggs.  So we went down to the coop, and gathered three eggs… this last week, we finished our chicken coop and brought home 7 young chickens.  The coop is pretty awesome, it’s got boxes for the hens to lay in, and then at the top there is branches for the ladies to roost on.

Here Jimi is working on our coop.

Emilia loves going in the coop, and it’s so much fun to hang out with the squawkers… we are feeding them chicken feed, and compost (and some worms, too…) Once they really get the straw on the ground really “poopy” we’ll spread that on our beds and their poops will feed the plants.

We expanded the garden this year, and so to prepare the soil we made sheet mulch.  On the bottom layer we spread good happy compost, full of worms (to introduce life into the new area).

First we spread the compost layer.

Then we spread straw and next cardboard.  The cardboard acts as a weed barrier. Last leaves and seed free mulch… Check out the book Gaia’s Garden, it is a great source for wonderful permaculture ideas!!

Layering cardboard on top of the straw and compost.

This is the new spot for our herb garden, which will have native plants, medicinal plants, and culinary plants… more on that soon!

Last we raked our seed free mulch on the cardboard.


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