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Yurt Setup Manual

Our yurt set-up manual can help make setting up your yurt easier.  This can be useful to the person who purchased a complete kit or the Do It Yourself person who needs setup pointers.

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Engineered Deck Plans

If you are setting your yurt up more permanently, you may consider building a deck. These instructions will give you the information you need to build a deck of any size.

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Price: $15.70

Living in the Round

Living in the Round is a wonderful resource about yurts by Becky Kemery.

Price: $24.95

1 Yurt Building Manual

Our yurt building manual is available in PDF form. The manual is comprehensive and provides all the information you need to build a yurt. The current version is a great resource, and we are also working on improving the layout and readability with a procedure manual designer. If you purchase the current edition, we will be happy to send you the updated edition when it is available. Printed editions may be available at a later date.

Old Price: $62.80

Price: $31.40

You save: $31.40


Earthtech paint

We are is selling an “Earthtech” paint. It is a combination of the highest quality Earthpaint and an insulative ceramic-acrylic microfibers by Hy-tech Thermal solutions. The paint is available in Moss green, it is a high quality natural exterior paint that has insulating value. We use it as an exterior coating on our yurts, as it will hold well on certain fabrics, and also it is recommended in standard home applications. Normally, this paint would run about $55/gallon, and micro spheres cost approximately $12/quart (enough to treat one gallon). We are offering it for $41/gallon. This is approximately $25/gallon savings.

Old Price: $67.00

Price: $41.00

You save: $26.00



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