Yurt Options

Whether you choose to purchase a yurt package, buy individual components, or build your yurt, you may consider adding on some options. These options allow you to include custom features that enhance your yurt and personalize it to your preferences.

Pricing for Yurt Options

Optional features:  12′  15′  18′  20′  24′  30′
Roof insulation 225 300 475 650 825 1075
Roof liner 265 355 460 525 715 980
Wall insulation 190 225 275 315 375 440
Wall insulation with liner 655 765 860 935 1115 1420
Complete insulation package (comes with liner) 1085 1250 1535 1745 2310 3165
Wind/ snow load kit 285 320 415 495 580 660
Wood stove panel 50 50 50 50 50 50
Additional window frame 520 520 520 520 520 520
Additional door frame 460 460 460 460 460 460
Additional fabric windows 175 175 175 175 175 175
Window shutters 75 75 75 75 75 75
Hanging door screen 65 65 65 65 65 65
Ceiling Fan 150 150 150 150 150 150




With several options available, you may wonder what options you need. Below is a guide to explain the options available and their benefits.

Yurt Options and Benefits

Yurt Option Benefit
Natural Fabric Alternative- 13 oz Sunforger Marine Duck Cotton Canvas Your yurt can be made with sustainable materials and this is an option for people with chemical sensitivities
Poly-cotton fabric with vinyl coating Breathable and highly flame resistant (CPAI-84); Can be painted to increase lifespan, and increase color choices
Additional windows You can increase your natural light and connect more with your surroundings
Glass windows Use natural materials, and you can open these windows from the inside
Window Shutters Allows you to protect the yurt’s clear vinyl and zippers on the windows when the yurt is set up but not in use
Reflective insulation Reflects 96% of the radiant energy; easy to install
Therma-shield insulation Increases the lifetime of your canvas, allows you to choose the color of your canvas; this paint insulates your yurt with natural materials
Insulation liner An easy way to personalize your yurt and make it more attractive
Purchasing a pre-hung door locally Save money on shipping and use our simple door modification kit
Purchasing our door frame, buying a used door locally Save money with a used door, and use our attractive handmade door frame (instead of a pre-hung)
Door screen curtain Keep your door open and keep the bugs out!
Water catchment fabric gutter system Helps increase the lifespan of your walls and allows you to collect your rainwater easily. (Customer provides rain barrel.)
Door awning Minimizes water drip at the door.
Door screen curtain Keep your door open and keep the bugs out!
Snow and wind load kit Protect your yurt from very strong winds and heavy snows!
Customized skylight domes Choose to tint your dome, great for tropical climates!

Laurel Nest Yurts Fabric options

Natural fabric options

  • Our natural marine duck cotton canvas that is 13 oz and is available in five naturally died colors, natural, suntan, driftwood, khaki; and pearl gray.
  • This material is a water resistant breathable fabric, and is the natural alternative.  
  • It is available in a fire resistant option, only in natural color (off-white).
  • It is the industry leader for boats, tipis, and yurts in its category.

Higher Fire retardant ratings

  • We also offer a poly-cotton blend that has a vinyl coating and meets the highest standards for fire retardant (required in some states).
  •  This fabric can be painted with exterior acrylic paints and acrylic insulating paints to give them long lasting protection and eliminate the need for seam-sealing.Painting the fabric gives you virtually unlimited color choices, though you may choose to seam seal the fabric and leave it in its standard colors, natural and pearl gray.

Above are the colors that the poly-cotton blend comes in. This fabric is easy to paint, and we recommend painting the roof.


Customized fabric choices

We are willing to sew roofs and walls using other fabrics of your choice.

The prices on the website reflect the cost of the Starfire fabric we generally use.  Other fabrics may be more or less expensive.


Additional/ alternative windows for your yurt

All of our yurts come with several windows, but we are happy to sew in additional windows, to help you see the beautiful views or to add more functionality to your space.

  • A yurt with windows all around can be used as a screened in porch and can be set up and attached to an existing deck.

We also offer framed in glass windows, that are double pane low e glass. 

  • These windows are helpful when a your yurt is set up on a deck that is high off the ground as they can be opened from the inside.

Insulation Options


Reflective Insulation

The insulation helps cool the yurt in summer, and heat in the winter; here pictured without canvas cover.


Our insulation is a double bubble reflective foil and it works by reflecting radiant heat in both directions, keeping the yurt warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

  • This insulation reflects 96% of the radiant energy that strikes its surface.  It acts as a vapor barrier, and is available in two options.

  •  The first insulation option has a foil on one side and a white poly on the other side which does not require an interior liner.The other insulation has foil on both sides, and is more resistant to fire and offers more insulating value, not to mention it can make your yurt look like a spaceship. 

  • For the second insulation option, we recommend covering the roof and wall insulation with an attractive interior liner.

Insulative Paint Option


Painting the cover of your yurt is an alternative, attractive way to insulate your yurt.  The reflective foil insulation, although lightweight, can be bulky.  The insulative paint option can be very helpful for yurts that need to be moved frequently and vehicle space is limited .

  • The paint will seal your cover, thereby making it last longer.

  • You can paint your yurt any color.

Interior Fabric Liners

Colorful liners or simple one color liners add a finished look to your yurt.


Liner fabrics come in many styles, colors, and price ranges.  Our standard liner is a fire-resistant, off-white colored, synthetic fabric.

  • We are happy to sew liners with more natural materials if the local laws and codes permit.

  •  We also will be happy to help you sew a liner with a fabric of your choice.

  •  Patterned liners that need to be matched at the seam will incur additional charges.


Door Options

Purchasing a pre-hung door locally


Many people choose to buy their doors locally in order to save money on shipping.

  • With this option the customer can purchase a door locally and purchase a frame that easily attaches to a pre-hung door.  This option can save money on shipping.

  •  Some people prefer to have the completed door shipped pre-assembled and ready to use.


Purchasing our door frame, buying a used door locally

We offer a handmade yellow pine stained door frame.

  • You may choose to find and purchase a used door, or buy a new door (that is not pre-hung).

  •  The door frame can be shipped un-assembled to save on shipping costs, and the customer is responsible for assembling, installing hardware and sealing the door.

  •  You may also choose for us to send you the door frame assembled, the pre-hung door and frame are caulked, primed, and ready to set up.

We prefer to use a low E (double pane insulated) glass door.  This option gives you additional light.  Some doors come with blinds between the glass and allow for privacy.  We love the extra light, beautiful views, and added warmth when installed on a south-facing side. Add an additional door for front and side entrances, access to decks, gardens, or additional yurts. Ask about placement options.

Door Screen CurtainThe Door Screen Curtain is made from 20×30 fiberglass no-se-um screen and attaches to the top inside of the door frame and is weighted at the bottom. Keep those bugs out! And let more air in.

Water CatchmentOur water catchment system, designed for conserving rainwater, is a fabric gutter that collects run-off from the roof, funneling it through downspouts into your storage tank. The Gutter System prevents water from running down the wall, and helps your side cover last longer.

 Snow and Windload Kit

We believe that the snow and wind load kit adds valued protection, with minimal cost and is recommended on all yurts over 18’. (All our 24’ and 30’ yurts come standard with a wind/ snowload kit.)

  • These kits are fairly easy for the customer to make and install, and can be added at any time.

  • We are happy to make and send these kits or to provide information to you on how to do-it-yourself.

  • The vertical supports pieces that attach the rafter to the platform can also be used to create a space for rigid foam or fiberglass insulation (very useful if you are trying to meet r-value requirements for inspection).

Skylight Dome

Our yurts all come with an opening skylight dome.  They can be tinted, and have custom features or sizes.