Reflections on 2011, and looking forward…

As we reflect on our last year and our progress, there’s so much that we accomplished!!

We finally finished our yurt building manual, and it is for sale!!! This is a big milestone, as we’ve been working on it for the last 3 years.  Thanks to Becky Kemery. who suggested we write the manual, we now offer a comprehensive DIY Build a Yurt Manual! It’s the only one we know of, and we hope it empowers people all over the world to make their yurts.

Hal travelled to Hawaii to the yurt makers conference, and developped strong connections with other yurtmakers and collaborators in the yurt industry.  NAYA, the North American Yurt Alliance was formed.  Many companies have joined and our conference calls are a great opportunity for us to come together to create a yurt industry standard.  Our collaborative effort is to explore better fabrics, methods and ultimately have the yurt added to the International Building Code as an approved residential structure.

Back Home Magazine featured our company on the cover of their magazine, and wrote a nice story about our company and it’s mission.  We’re working with other publications that like our “DIY” approach, and would like to see our small company grown and serve more people.

In November, we moved our yurt manufacturing studio to our land, and moved from one warehouse into several yurts and structures.  Instead of the 4,000 sq ft. warehouse, we have a 24’ diameter sewing studio, 18’ yurt woodshop, a 15’ window making station yurt, and a 15’ liner making station yurt, as well as long cutting tables in our school bus.  It’s been fun walking to work and having the office hallways be trails in the woods.

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From a personal side, I accomplished some lifelong goals I’ve had for a long time.  I completed kundalini yoga teacher training and did a Radiant Child yoga training with Shakta Kaur Khalsa.  I’m certified now to teach all ages, and we will be hosting various workshops in 2012, from an 8 week series Chakra Workshop, to yurt building workshops, to meditation retreats.

Lucky Hal  traveled again, this time to Santa Cruz CA to teach a yurt building workshop.  Hopefully this will be the first of many trips Laurel Nest Yurts makes to teach people all over how to build yurts.  We are considering doing a workshop in Costa Rica… hope to see you there!

Looking forward, we will solidify our yurt engineering specifications with Steven Kicinski, of Ellisport Engineering.  We will help NAYA fulfill it’s mission to make yurts a viable and affordable residential option anywhere.  Imagine… a yurt downtown Asheville (or anywhere), and a primary residence for someone who purchased an empty lot… I see visions of urban permaculture and community building… and more and more people choosing this route.  We will continue to assist people to find the most affordable and sustainable solution to modern living, the yurt, and one that built.  We’ve really got the whole world in our hands…

As the new year moves forward, I have so much gratitude to our customers and to our extend Laurel Nest Yurts family.  It wouldn’t be possible without you.  Those of you who are still in the dream phase, let’s make 2012 a fruitful year.  According to the Mayan calendar, it’s the end of the Piscean Age.  To us yogis, it’s the start of a new age, an age of awareness and simplicity.  Let’s make it the time of realising our dreams to live, love, yurt!


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