Solid walls, “hybrid” yurt!

We just finished a project in Swannanoa, NC.  This yurt is a 24′ yurt that has solid walls, and is well insulated.  It’s right on a river, and it was so peaceful listening to the water as we worked.

We put 4 real windows and 2 doors in the yurt.  The yurt was painted with a Therma-insulated paint.  It was much like many of our other yurts, hand-crafted and the owner of the yurt participated in the building process!

We used the wind/ snow load kit as a frame for putting tongue and groove wooden walls.  2″ thick insulation went behind the wooden walls, in an effort to make the yurt have a higher r-value.

The view on the river was so beautiful, so we made it easy to relax in the yurt, and enjoy the water.  We connected 3 real windows and 2 doors as one panel, which made up about 25′, almost 1/3 the circumference of the yurt.  The owners chose to have all real windows, and no vinyl windows in this project.

There is lots of benefits to using real windows.  The biggest one is that you can open them from the inside.  We recommend them when you are building your deck on a steep hill, and you will have challenges in opening your windows from the outside.  Some people have done this for yurts placed on a 2nd story, and built a usable space underneath.  People who want all natural materials choose to have yurts with glass windows as well.  We love them, they add elegance to the yurt!  


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