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This year, our garden has a lot of food in it, but we’re still learning.  We decided to participate in a local CSA at our friends’ farm.  It’s been great. I just had the most mouth-watering lunch: kale and chinese cabbage salad with fresh corn, braggs, apple cider vinegar and tomato tahini dressing. Yum!

What is CSA?

CSA is short for Community Supported Agriculture. It is an opportunity to bring together local people with local farmers. Members of the local community make an annual commitment by purchasing a “share” of the anticipated harvest. Payment is made in advance to help purchase seed, fertilizer and soil amendments for the upcoming season. In exchange, the farmer plants, cultivates, harvests, and prepares boxes of fresh organic vegetables, flowers, and herbs each week throughout the growing season.


A typical carrot has to travel almost 2,000 miles to reach your dinner table. An enormous amount of energy is wasted and valuable nutrition is lost during this transit time. Local food is fresher because it is picked and delivered the same day. Our produce doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles before it gets to your plate. The 3,000 mile salad just became the 3 mile salad.

Growing organically is more in line with the way nature intended food to grow. Organic practices ensure that the produce is healthier for the farmer, the consumer and the environment.  Compost, crop rotation, and cover crops are all used to prevent erosion, reduce the risk of plant disease, and fix valuable nutrients into the soil. This provides healthier, more nutrient-rich soil and food. 

Thank you Gladheart Farms for the wonderful food and community you bring to us!!


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