The Little Round Schoolhouse

There’s a new school starting this fall in a Laurel Nest Yurt, called the Little Round Schoolhouse.  It’s a Waldorf inspired school, with lots of beautiful activities and learning for rising kindergarteners from 3-6 years old.

They recently “raised” their yurt and are making preparations to start the school year shortly.  It was a wonderful yurt-raising, the children participated and so much thought went into the children’s experience in the yurt.   Here Becca writes how much fun they had choosing where to place their door:

“The fun part of this step was actually after the octagon was finished and we all gathered around and decided which way the door should face.  What do we want our children to see when they look out the front door?  What do we want them to walk past as they come to the schoolhouse each day?  After much shifting of directions, our front door has found a way to face–the woods and beyond to the mountains.”

Their yurt raising was a community event, and they had lots of people come out and help.

The yurt raising for the school!

Their vision for the school is so beautiful, and I know the children will thrive in a round schoolhouse with such a wonderful vision for learning!  Good luck with the next school year!

For more information about The Little Round Schoolhouse, check out their website,  They also have a facebook page, so you may want to find them there.


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