The Yurtmaker’s Conference in Hawaii

Members of the Yurt Industry Join Hands!

The beautiful breakfast spread at the conference…

Hal just got back from the 2nd Annual Yurtmaker’s Conference in Hawaii, where he spent a week with other yurt manufacturer’s and various other people in the industry.  He had a great time making connections with the owners of the other yurt companies and also had the opportunity to share his ideas and potential solutions about a variety of issues pertinent in the industry.

The people who attended included Blue Ridge Yurts, Colorado Yurt Company, Yurts of Hawaii, Becky Kemery, Hearthworks and Ellisport Engineering.  Hal really enjoyed making connections with the other yurt manufacturers, Dan and Emma of Colorado Yurts and Kathy and Sharon of Blue Ridge Yurts.  It was nice to see the different yurt designs and learn from companies that have been in the industry for 30+ years!

The entrance to the "Hawaiian Retreat"

Some of the issues they touched upon were:

  • They met with an insurance representative who started the process of developing a specific set of guidelines for insuring yurts.
  • They discussed permitting of yurts and the need for all the manufacturers to come together as an industry to write  codes and regulations that are specific to yurts.
  • Fabric options were explored and shared.
  • Insulation options and testing of insulation was a common goal for all the yurt manufacturers so that an accurate comparative r-value can be determined.
  • NAYA, the North American Yurt Alliance was formed.  More information and links to the website,  in a blog coming soon!
  • They met with a extreme weather engineer and learned about the many severe weather conditions that may create a potential failure and also learned ways to increase the strength of a yurt.

Hawaiian Yellow ginger! Yum!

On Saturday of the conference they had a traditional Hawaiian Luau, complete with a panel discussion on yurts. Becky Kemery, author of “Yurts, Living in the Round” did a slide show.  Tara Weightman, from Hearthworks in England, also did a presentation, on traditional steam bent frame yurts from Kyrgyzstan,  and was Hal’s roommate!  Check out the Hearthworks website,

When Hal came back, he brought me a ton of yellow ginger and we have been making a wonderful ginger drink.  The ginger in Hawaii is yellow, and is sweeter than the more typical white ginger.  Thanks to Melissa of Yurts of Hawaii for planning such a wonderful conference!  And thanks to Elvira and Hughes (biker dude) from the “Your Hawaiian Retreat”, for being such amazing hosts! The daily fruit-filled breakfast makes me drool with envy!


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