Vendor yurts at SEWHC

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to the South East Wise Women Herbal Conference… it was so amazing, with lots of incredible classes, ceremony with Brooke Medicine Eagle, storytelling with Ramona Moore Big Eagle, music with Rising Appalachia, drumming, and all just women…
We brought yurts to the conference, which were used for information booth, raffle, and Red Tent Temple.

Vendor yurts are a great place to share information at festivals…

The conference was a special opportunity to take time out of our regular life  to soak in some wisdom and knowledge that has been lost as we move towards modern medicine and institutional living.  The weekend provides a deep cellular call towards the folkways that were passed on between generations since time out of mind: simple living, local plants and deep nourishment.
Thank you to all the women for the beautiful experience… can’t wait till next year… 


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