Wonderous Winer Weeds…

Lately I’ve been so happy to see the winter weeds dusting the trails and sidewallks… I love winter weeds and am grateful for the life they bring as winter comes in fully…

Black Eyed Susan, so lovely….

The plants grow and bloom during the cool season when most other plants are dormant.  Winter annuals typically grow low to the ground, where they are usually sheltered from the coldest nights by snow cover, and make use of warm periods in winter for growth when the snow melts.


Some common winter annuals include henbit, deadnettle, chickweed, Queen Anne’s Lace, and winter cress.

Don’t go crazy weeding your garden of the winter annuals.  They are important ecologically, as they provide ground cover that prevents soil erosion during winter and early spring when no other cover exists and they provide fresh vegetation for animals and birds that feed on them.  Although they are often considered to be weeds in gardens, this viewpoint is not always necessary, as most of them die when the soil temperature warms up again in early to late spring when other plants are still dormant and have not yet leafed out.

And they’re such a gift… beauty and flowers in the cold months of winter…. peaking out of snow.

Thanks to these sites for some of the information and pictures in this blog. And thanks to Rob Brown, my high school science teacher who taught me about winter weeds for the first time.  


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