Yoga in the 30′ Yurt!

A few weeks ago, a  wonderful couple, Eric and Anna Scott, stayed and volunteered their time with us, helping with projects both at our community and in the yurt making studio.  They are an amazing and inspiring couple I now  am grateful to call our friends.

Eric and Anna walk dog food home 2 miles, photo from Tampa Bay paper,

Over the last year they made a decision to create 12 months of change, and last month was Volunteering.  Here is their New Year’s resolution: (go to this website for more…

January-unprocessed food (no more than 2 steps in the processing, no preservatives)
February-no spending month (no money spent except for housing and utilities)
March-unplug month (only one appliance on the grid and we all vote for the fridge/freezer)
April-alternative transportation (buses and bikes and feet, oh my!)
May-no plastic brought into the house (seriously, think about that…..)
June-alternative income (everything we can come up with to make a buck or barter for our needs besides our jobs)
July-volunteer month  (WWOOF farm?)
August-alternative cooking (solar oven, cook boxes, etc)
September-primitive skills  (gun safety, fire starting, animal harvesting, foraging)
October-local products/shops only (is ABC Liquor really Florida owned??  I need to know!)
November-no garbage (nothing goes in the dumpster)
December-no entertainment except for what we create

Eric and Anna finished the floor and painted it with an Earthpaint. Thanks guys!

When Eric and Anna came, amongst other projects, they finished our floor of our 30′ yurt and we were able to host our 1st yoga class!!  We made the floor with a stain-grade plywood and painted it with some moss green Earthpaint.  It’s amazing how they helped us in so many ways, both by their inspiring work and refreshing and wise outlook on life.  I was so moved by their generosity, and inspired by what they are accomplishing with their year of change.  How amazing that they felt like they benefitted as much as we did, from their weeks of hard work and help.

Yoga in the 30' yurt

The night before Eric and Anna left, we were able to host our first yoga class in the yurt.  Eric said it was the first of more yoga classes to come.  It was exciting to experience a dream coming true, teaching a yoga class out of our 30′ yurt!!  Thank you Eric and Anna Scott for helping make this happen!


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