Yurt Fire Safety

During these cold winter months, my friends often ask me if we are staying warm in the yurt. We definitely do our best to keep warm and cozy, and also to take advantage of the fresh crisp air.

This is the time of year that we need to remind ourselves about being safe and making sure to prevent fires. There are many options for heating a yurt, from wood stove, to propane, kerosone, or electric heat.

At our home we generally prefer to use propane heaters, and we keep the propane tank outside the yurt. We run a cord through the bottom of the yurt (a great place to run your electricity, too). We like propane because you just turn on the heat, and it heats the space pretty quickly. Yurts do not hold heat for long periods when the heat is off, so we only heat our spaces when we are in them.

Some of our friends use wood stoves, and all of our yurts come with the option of having a wood stove panel in them. If you do get a wood stove, make sure to be very careful with disposing of the ashes. Dispose of them in a metal bucket, and pour some water over the ashes. You always want to make sure the ashes are cooled to prevent possibility of fires. Never leave propane tanks or kerosene around as it could cause a terrible fire.

The silver panel in the yurt is where the wood stove will go in this yurt.

Electricity is sometimes a good option for heating a yurt. You want to make sure that you have an efficient heater, like an infrared ceramic heater. These heaters can be run with minimal electricity or even on solar power. We don’t use electric heat because we find that it is less energy efficient for our needs than propane.

When a yurt is set up for temporary use, like camping, kerosene heaters work just fine. Usually, kerosene is set up temporarily, with space heaters. On that note, I feel a little chilly…. I think I’ll go make myself some tea. All this talk about heat makes me want to warm up!


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