Yurt Testimonial About Living Round

Dear Laurel Nest Yurts,

Our Dream Catcher railings

It is important to me To Live as Lightly and Simply as I may Upon this Precious Earth.  Yurtful living helps me to do just this.  YOU ALL help me to do just this!  I have been Living within a LN 15 foot yurt for 15 months Within the mountains of Western North Carolina.  Knowing that I am using a minimum of Earth’s Resources for my shelter helps my Conscience to be a little bit more Free.  I am Doing, Being and Living Earth Friendly!!

Living lightly in a yurt…

For me, Living in the Round is not only about Living Lightly WithThis Land but it is also about Being Closer to Nature…nearly Inseparable.  I wake in a Dream every morning Sensing Beauty so Calming…Leaves Blowing Within Winds, Squirrels Playing, Rains Dancing, Clouds Passing, Birds Singing, Coyotes Howling and a Sun Shine Soul Shine Radiating Through windows and dome!!  And a Moon and her Stars…lying in bed Observing this Earth as she spins…never resisting, never forcing…always working Together with Complimentary Congruence…

Asia, Scott, and Christina working the gardens…

What is more and perhaps most Agreeable of all (in my opinion) is how the circular structure represents my personal Understanding of Life.  I have met only One Truth throughout an on-going Exploration which Consistently Exists as Truth on all levels of spectrums…Everlastingly Changing…the Continuum…Constantly in a state of flux with a matter which may not be destroyed or created…without a beginning or an end…a symbol of Wholeness and of Infinity…A Process of Interconnecting, of Evolving, of going deeper Within, and of Expanding…the Spiral of Life!…Circularity!

The colorful liner we made for our yurt kitchen!

And then there are diamonds (to me, a symbol of Balance) Co-created by the Crisscrossing of  khana.  Every diamond Adjoining with the next Collectively Bringing into Being a Safe and Comfortable Haven for me to Relax and Rest my body…a terrific way to Integrate Healing!

Hal, Asia, Scott and Fellow Crews, I am truly Grateful for Your Efforts in Educating me as well as Others about Alternative ways of Living that are more Environmentally Sound.  I am Adoring You All for the ways in which you are Choosing to Live.  I am Admiring the ways in which You are Choosing to Give to Others.  You are Helping Human Beings To Live more Aligned Within this Web of Life.  Thank You so much for Sharing Your Time/Company, Your Explorations, Your Resources and all Your Yurtful Knowledge with me!

With Continuing Fortune, Blessings, and Care

Christina Lynn

March 2010


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