Yurt Vending at LEAF Festival

Lakeside view of the yurts at LEAF

This last weekend, Hal and I and 28 of our loved friends (and my mom!) came out and helped us roll sushi, make organic coconut carrot ginger soup, local home grown Asian greens, home grown salad, tempura and lots of other yummies…

For all the simplicity we love in life, we didn’t travel light, we brought four yurts with us!! One yurt was for the international booth, another one was our vending yurt, another was a grillin’ hangin’ and partyin’ place, and the last yurt was the prep yurt (with lakeside views…)

Our yurts were really unique and stood out from the EZ-UPS.  Lots of people asked questions and were interested in the yurts.  They wondered how long it takes to set up (when you get good, goes up in less than an hour) and how it handles wind (we weren’t fazed by the large wind gusts).  We fit all four yurts in our truck, as well as picnic benches, and lots of other random vendor related stuff.

The yurts were great to work in, and we felt like we were at home.  Yurtin’, glampin’, it’s the good life!  Best of all- it was Mother’s Day weekend, and my mom came! So my little girl Emilia got her mommy, and I got my mommy too…  Smiles all around!!


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