“Yurtle”, a Yurt “Pop-Up Camper”

Our “Yurtle” is yurt’s answer to a pop-up camper. We call it a Yurtle because when you drive, it folds down into a turtle shape, creating a traveling camp spot.  If you are going to park for a few days or a few weeks, spend a few hours and set it up!

  • We use a 12′ or 15′ trailer and make a beautiful round deck on top of it.

  • We put a 12′  or 15′ cedar yurt on top of the traveling deck

  • When you are traveling, the yurt stores neatly in the Yurtle shell which also has room for sleeping when you’re on the go.

  • Enjoy a lovely porch and convenient steps for your entrance…

  • Great for an elegant home away from home, portable music stage, and more!


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